Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar for sale

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar for sale

The Magic Mushroom bar for sale is one of the most thrilling items presently being sold.

It’s made totally from chocolate, yet it likewise contains psilocybin flour. A touch of chocolate makes an enormous difference, and the enchanted mushroom chocolate bar tastes extraordinary. It’s ideal for the individuals who need something uncommon however delicious! It is a chocolate bar made with the dynamic mixtures found in enchantment mushrooms.  This bar of chocolate makes the ideal present for any event. It is produced using buy magic mushrooms, so it has an extraordinary and remarkable taste that will leave your taste buds needing more. Also, The Magic Mushroom bar is a chocolate treat with extraordinary preferences and scents.

We have available different Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars for sale

1 Up Shroom Chocolate Bar – 3000mg

Shroomup Chocolate Bar – 3000mg

Shroomies Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 3000mg

Use of Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Mushroom chocolates are very much like any sweet treat, yet the thing that matters is it contains mushrooms and all their psychotropic substance. While mushroom chocolates leave a sweet note right away chomp, they can rapidly prompt tactile over-burden.Hallucinogenic magic mushrooms are taking over as one of the most popular psychotropic drugs that have been making waves everywhere. It’s similarly pretty much as scrumptious as conventional chocolate, yet it can work on your state of mind for quite a long time.

Recommended dosage:
– Beginners: half to one square
– Psychonauts: one to three squares

Best place to buy magic mushroom chocolate bars in Canada

This chocolate bar is easily broken into 4 x 750mg squares for a total of 3000mg per bar.


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